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Creating a custom stack

Template for creating custom stacks in DECK

  • Clone this repo git clone
  • If you have DECK installed already then open file ~/.deck/storage/custom-stacks.json in the code editor
  • Copy & paste the contents below inside "stacks": []
"@AppID": "custom-20012021",
"@AppName": "Custom stack",
"@Logo": "",
"@Description": "this is a custom stack",
"@LocalPath": "/path/to/cloned/repo"
  • ❗️ Update @LocalPath to the full path of the cloned repo on step #1
  • Restart the app

You should see a Custom stack at the top of the list in the Marketplace. Now, modify the example docker-compose.yml cloned from this repo to suit your needs. You could add multiple custom stacks by adding entries to ~/.deck/storage/custom-stacks.json

Create custom stack