Migrating from other local development environments

The reason why DECK is here today is because of the fact that other development environments lack a key feature of running multiple projects and with different server config

Well, you could say it’s pretty easy to have multiple sites on my XAMPP/WAMP server right? Of course, you can, setting up vhost files, mapping them to a document root, and having custom domains using system hosts.

What if you could do all these using DECK with just few clicks? Not just that, here’s more

  1. Use a different PHP version
  2. Add / Remove PHP extensions
  3. Use Nginx instead of Apache for the new project
  4. Use a different MySQL version
  5. Automatic HTTP – valid SSL certificate on local domain
  6. Share your project with your co-workers who can access it remotely

And, there’s so much more.

It definitely worths a try! DECK app is built upon the idea to help individual developers do so many things with their local development environments and it’s something that you can hack into to get your own personalized local setup using the custom images feature.

Under the hood, DECK sits on top Laradock and Docker which gives it superpowers! If you know how to use them.

Read more about Laradock and Docker.