Opening codes and connecting to a stack

After you’ve created a stack, you might wonder what’s next? DECK can be a little different than other development environments you’ve used in the past but it worths learning as it would take a few mins to wrap it around your head.

Where are my codes and how do I edit them?

When you create a new stack, DS asks for a Local Path which should the location of your application’s source code. This path is then directly mapped inside the stack as a volume and points to your local path in the system.

You can fire up your code editor / IDE and select the local path, add/edit the codes which would update your stack instantly and you can review the changes using your stack URL

Connecting to MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

The host/port settings are a little different in DECK than the default mysql ports you’ve used, DS assigns random open ports to containers inside a stack which gives you the flexibility run an infinite number of stacks in parallel without worrying about port conflicts

Connections parameters are defined on your stack settings, to view them go to More .. > Connections

One thing you might have already noticed is the use of the hostname mysql instead of using localhost. Well, the reason for that is the fact that all containers inside a stack run in an isolated state, so localhost is different for every container.