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web development studio

DECK is powerful and high performant local web development studio unlike any other.

Spin-up LIMITLESS stacks

Create any number of development environments right from your localhost. DECK's integrated marketplace lets you spin up stacks with just a click of a button. Popular web technologies such as LAMP, LEMP, MERN, MEAN, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Magento & many more are available out of the box.

Jam-packed with almost everything you need!

DECK is built by developers for developers. We have put years of experience & research to pack almost everything you will need for building your next web apps

  • Automatic HTTPS
  • Built-in terminal
  • Utility add-ons
  • Integrated logging
  • Flexible configurations
  • And more ...
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Plans & Pricing

DECK is free for individual developers, there is a Teams plan for companies and start-ups



FREE forever for individual developers

DECK for Teams

Reach out to us at for a quote, the base plan starts at $3.99/mo/user


Install seamlessly

We've built an integrated marketplace for you to browse & install popular stacks without breaking a sweat

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