Modern & extendable local web development studio

DECK (formerly Dockerstacks) is powerful and high performant local web development studio unlike any other.

For Windows, MacOS & Linux

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And 10,000+ independent developers trust DECK

Automatic HTTPS

DECK's inbuilt SSL engine powered by LetsEncrypt and a supercharged proxy layer enables full HTTPS on localhost apps.

Unlimited projects, multiple server configurations

Easily spin-up Laravel, Codeigniter, Node JS, Django, Wordpress, Magento
and many more apps right on your localhost with the click of a button
and let DECK do the heavy lifting for you.

Built-in terminal

Get shell access to your apps and run commands to make changes in file permissions, server configurations, etc

DECK Flights

Easily share your local app with co-workers remotely by using Flights

Ready to go configurations

Focus on your web app and let DECK handle the server configurations for you.

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For Windows, MacOS & Linux

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